Bio Dynamic Wine

We are passionate about the agricultural, environmental, and social practices of the producers and product we bring to you. Although we are small our goal is mighty. We believe that dedicating our wine program to supporting a healthier agricultural relationship with the Planet Earth is helping to ensure a safer future for humans.

Biodynamic agriculture is a form of sustainable, wholesome agriculture, based on a series of lectures given by philosopher Rudolph Steiner in 1924. Biodynamics take ideals and ethics into practical reality, respecting the ecology, culture and tradition of a place. This is agriculture as a collaboration between human beings and nature in which both can flourish. Care for the earth and nature has traditionally been at the heart of agriculture for generations. Biodynamics respects these traditions and recognizes that now, in this time of climate change and the exhaustion of planetary resources, sustainability is not enough. As human beings we are responsible for the regeneration of ecology and landscapes within our agricultural systems.

Principles of the Biodynamic Approach

  • Regeneration - sustainability is not enough.
  • Integrating well-being of nature and human beings - we are part of the planetary cycles.
  • Creating a living context within which human beings, animals and plants can thrive and develop.
  • Include animals in a way that respects their well-being, while producing nutrient dense food, nourishing the soil and protecting wildlife.
  • Agriculture is contextual - of its ecology, landscape and culture.
  • Ecological responsibility - Caring for resources, including packaging and transportation impacts.
  • Social responsibility - Support community development and a cooperative approach throughout the supply chain.